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Nakshatra Template

Many of my blog readers requested to publish the theme that I'm currently using in this blog or at least to announce its name. Although it is inspired from the ocean of templates over the internet, it is completely self-designed. The core of this theme was designed back in 2014; and from then it is consistently modified. For personal purpose, codes related to syntax highlighting, social content locking etc. are used in this theme, which are obviously unnecessary for any ordinary blog; even some snippets of this theme are hard-coded. So when I got the request, it took me some time to remove all unnecessary contents and make the entire theme dynamic. When it became finally ready to produce, it was again a period of hesitation for naming. Finally after some struggle, I came up with Nakshatra (means Star). This theme is rich in feature, fast in loading and awesome in appearance.

Related Posts for Blogger

One of the many ways to engage your reader to your blog is by providing similar recipes to what they are experiencing now. It is a way of offering similar experience from a different perspective. Related posts widget does that job with ease. This widget identifies the categories of current post and provides other available posts from same category; not just from recent stories, but also from from your blog archive. Advantage includes the reduction of bounce rate as well as growth in traffic. Besides, it helps to improve SEO. This widget, designed with minimal coding, offers scalability overs its appearance and responsiveness.

Recent Posts Widget for Blogger

As the name specifies, a recent posts widget displays the most up-to-date content of your blog. Unlike popular posts widget that displays most discussed blog posts or related posts widget that showcases posts fall into similar category, it displays a collection of recently published blog articles. Benefit of having such widget is it helps blog readers to find the latest post with minimum efforts. As well as it makes blog visitors to browse further from the landing page without leaving your blog, i.e. reduces blog bounce rate. Additionally one doesn't have to send an email every-time a post has been created, i.e. reduces dependency on email marketing. Unfortunately, blogger team does not provide such feature as pre-build widget; so one has to add this via some third party coding.

Auto Read More for Blogger

Insert a read-more link within blog post not only makes things organized and well managed but also loads your blog faster. Your blog readers can go through different posts at a glance, while they are actually browsing start-up page. Moreover it optimizes your blog to be found over search engine very easily. Although it may be (little) irritating to insert jump break or read more link for each post individually. Sometimes it may happen that you accidently forget to insert jump break link. In that case your entire post will be displayed in your home page, which is a bit of annoying. That why bloggers often go for auto read more link generator. This tutorial is about how to insert read more link, both manually and automatically, with an added bonus of how to customize it and replace it with an image. So, stay tuned.

Social Content Locker for Blogger

After using multiple sharing widget in your blogger, is your social exposure is on the lower side? Do you think that people read your content, but in spite of sharing or liking your content, they just read and leave? Do you have a feeling that they completely ignore whether your website has traffic or not. Well, in that case you have to drive your readers to like or share your page in order to discover your content. This is likely the best means to increase your social traffic, especially for those design sites that shares free resources. Locking the entire page by some pop up probably the worst idea because this fails to showcase the importance of your content. That's why this locker is designed to lock a specific part of your page instead of the entire page. It can lock any part of your webpage and can be implemented infinite times on a single page. You can even change the appearance of this locker to your custom style.

Blogger Navigation with Post Title

In my blog I've discussed how to customize blogger newer-post and older-post navigation. Today I'll show you how to display post titles with these navigation links. It actually looks good to display blog post titles instead of showing just page navigation buttons.The basic concept behind this trick is simple. We'll use jQuery .get() function to display titles with these links. jQuery introduced this function to load data from the server using a HTTP GET request. Since blogger does not have proper data tag that can load title of previous page or next page, we'll use this jQuery function to load data from the server. I'ill also show you some stylish appearance of post titles with these navigations. However if you know a little bit of css, you can easily customize your blogger appearance.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation (as well recognized as 'Breadcrumb trail') is a navigation widget that lets users to know their position in the hierarchy of a website and to retrace their steps to fail back to beginning with less time and elbow grease. It can be seen in many websites horizontally just above the post title (or maybe below header), and contains links to categories that related to the posts, the reader is currently on. It is an alternative method of navigation which in fact increases the usability of a website. Often a slash ( / ), a single right angle quote ( › ) or even a double right angle quote ( » ) is used as separator in breadcrumb hierarchy.

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